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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Administrator's Message
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As I am writing this message several of your officers are getting ready to go to the International Convention in "Lost Wages" (Las Vegas). There is going to be a huge controversy there in regards to the numerous "NEW" proposals that the Supreme Lodge is proposing. I believe (as do many of my peers) that some proposals could be very good for our Fraternity and effectively change our current operation methods, but there are some proposals that we don't feel will be as effective and an enhancement to our great Fraternity. Discussion and voting will take place on Monday, June 23rd. and the results will go into effect on July 1st.

As far as our Lodge goes, we are still trying to keep it together, but that light at the end of the tunnel seems to be going further away. Our food functions and social quarter receipts have gone from decent to dismal in the last couple of months and we have lost most of our bartenders. Chris is spending almost every day/hour tending bar/ cleaning/ purchasing product etc. etc. He needs help. Charlie has taken over Thursdays and Debbie & Beth are taking care of Sundays We need some volunteers to step up to the plate and tend bar and/or put on more functions.

The few that are currently making things happen and working tirelessly to maintain Lodge/social quarter operations to run as smoothly as possible for the entertainment of our members; is slowly diminishing and getting burnt out.

They need fresh blood with new ideas and energy to get us back to seeing that light get a little brighter in hopefully the near future.

Speaking of blood, as you know membership is the life-blood of any organization and West Sacramento definitely needs a transfusion. The total membership of the LOOM is 199 with 53 in arrearage, which means that we only have 146 in good standing. We need YOUR HELP in bringing in new members and/or getting that arrearage down to ZERO. We probably need to get some tips from our WOTM, their membership is considerably higher than ours and their arrearage is a lot less.

Thank goodness we have such a fantastic WOTM in our corner saving our hind end in more ways than one. Thank You Ladies you are doing a knockout job and our LOOM is very grateful for your assistance.

I am totally shocked that our Friday night business hasn't doubled or tripled with the enhancement of our Queen of Spades drawing. The pot is over 1600+ which means that a winner gets 800+ I would think that everyone would want to be at the Lodge every Friday at 8:00 P.M. for a shot at the QUEEN. I guess everyone is waiting for it to get to a 1000+.

Well in closing I am asking everyone to please make a special effort to support OUR LODGE to the best of your ability and be proud to say that you are a member.

Fraternally submitted
George Hannum
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